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Call for Papers


Türkiye’s unique location straddling the continents of Europe and Asia at the ultimate crossroads of the world’s largest oil & gas deposits and consumption centers, offers an exclusive hub for the exchange of research, policy, practice and ideas to overcome global energy challenges. The conference program includes many exciting plenary and dual plenary sessions on key current energy issues, featuring internationally established speakers and lively discussions. With its social functions, the conference will provide a unique opportunity for networking and enhancing communication amongst energy concerned professionals from business, government, academia and other circles worldwide. The rich social program will include unique arrangements like pre-conference workshops and various historical site visits as well as technical tours. The organization committee, an experienced and enthusiastic team of outstanding prominent energy professionals from the academia and private sector in Türkiye, are determined to make this conference a professionally most enriching and socially most memorable event – as we did earlier in Istanbul in 2008 and in Antalya in 2015. We look forward to seeing you in Istanbul.

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